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Why Not?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

We’re honored to become the first young Slovenian couple from Hong Kong.

Why Not?

We’ve enjoyed every moment.

It’s been a thrilling journey since the sunset when he proposed to me. The halo in my middle finger appeared last year in Lipica, Slovenia. The orange moon and a team of royal white horses were the only witnesses that I can recall, but my husband remembered there’re people whistling when they drove by when he bended down on one knee. Well, from then we’ve enjoyed every moment handcrafting the happiest period in our lives – our original fairytale wedding.

There is no must-do list that applies to all couples.

We are the first couple walking down the aisle among our friend groups, so in the beginning we didn’t know where to start. Now we've realized it is a lucky thing to start fresh because we could draw on a blank sheet, we can decide to go away from the typical. We believe that weddings have no ‘norms’, that means there are no sets of rules or must-do list that apply to all couples. It is a challenge to strike a balance though, especially in Hong Kong where most newly weds tend to receive pressure from their Big families and colleagues. Weddings are also connected to traditional Chinese culture and traditions.

We’re honoured to become the first young Slovenian couple from Hong Kong.

People asked us how we made it – within a reasonable budget – to make such an enjoyable memory not just for us two, but also our friends and families. I don’t quite know how but I am truly thankful that it turned out to be successful with the support of our beloved families and friends. It’s really exciting to have two weddings (with the same person haha) in Hong Kong and Slovenia within a relaxing month. Thank you all for all of our followers' very positive feedbacks on our wedding. Our guests’ satisfaction is our motivation to create more weddings for new couples, and to share our characteristic wedding story. Thank you Slovenia, we’re honoured to be the first young couple from Hong Kong getting married at Lake Bled. I’m eager to invite more lovely Asian couple to experience the magic. Why not?

For more, stay tuned at Instagram: @roseandlemonwedding / @rose.and.lemon


R&L Wedding was founded in 2018 by a passionate couple based in Hong Kong. They first started by promoting unique fairytale weddings at Lake Bled and the Alps of Slovenia to Hong Kong couples. Their wedding services have been expanding over the past years to also to other parts of Europe, such as the glimmering Croatian coastline and the majestic mountains of Italy's Dolomites. Since 2022, Cheryl and Fay have relocated to the United Kingdom, where they continue to enlarge their network of partners in the UK by adding more handpicked places and moments into their exclusive wedding collection, that is away from the commercial, artificial, and reality.

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