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This Special Couple Shows Us How to Pull Off an Authentic and Exotic Wedding with Love

If you’re looking for the perfect place for an authentic and exotic wedding, then today’s your lucky day. For our special feature in the week of Mother’s Day, we had an interview with a sweet couple who decided to tie the knot in tropical Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We are going to witness the special love that the newly wed has put into their wedding!

In the luxury seaside resort of Shangri-La's Rasa Ri, Garesa and Jonathan and their guests from overseas were having one of their best times. Fresh coconut refreshments were served by a cute coconut bar, while the sand started to glitter magically under the breathtaking sunset. A white horse from the fairy tale further complemented the romantic scene of the venue. On top of that, their wedding cake specially designed and made with love by a local home baker also added additional warm and tropical colours to this unique wedding!

The slow-paced and relaxing culture would make you feel stress-free.”

What makes a Sabah wedding different from a Hong Kong wedding? “The wedding vendors you gonna meet here are really very passionate. Most of the hotel resorts here offer airport transfer to overseas couples.” Garesa adds, “You will be quite chill if you decide to get married here. The slow-paced and relaxing culture would make you feel stress-free.”

When you have a closer eye on Malaysia's 9-course Eastern wedding banquet, you may wonder why there is no pork served on the table. It is because some of the kitchen staff are Muslims. Due to this religious reason, lamb, chicken, cow are served as substitutes. You will also find fresh fish and delicious seafood like jelly fish and shrimps included in the menu. Similar to most Hong Kong hotels, food-tasting is offered prior to the wedding banquet. Menus can be adjusted based on the couple’s request.

"Thank you Mom!"

The most memorable moment of the wedding was definitely the couple’s first dance. To show their special love to Mom, Garesa had redesigned and worn her mom’s wedding dress on the dance floor during their wedding banquet. It was truly a touching scene when people started to run into tears!

For all tropical weather lovers.

“I’ll suggest holding a wedding in Sabah to couples who are willing to try something new, and also tropical weather lovers.” Garesa says, “The soothing wind in Sabah makes the hot weather actually comfortable.” So what are you waiting for? Check out their #SooAulmates for more stunning wedding photos!

Interested in having a Sabah Wedding? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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