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Witness a real Slovenia civil wedding ceremony here.


Despite having eight years of architectural education and training at work, Cheryl has decided to design dreams instead of buildings. She has realized her meaning in life every time when she creates happiness and memories in both Asian and European weddings. "Similar to architecture, weddings involve space, colours, smell, and sound.. the couple's priceless smile is my biggest motivation."

Cheryl Cecilia
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Research wedding awards 2020
Research Wedding Awards 2020_ Rose&Lemon Wedding


You wish your wedding planner to be someone you can trust who can make your wedding work the way it does in your most gracious dreams. It will be a magnificent memory you will cherish for a lifetime. You wish the planning process to be stress-free, and the communication among parties to be handled efficiently without you having to get tied up in too many details.


We are here for you to enjoy the process together. With you we create an authentic, timeless and meaningful celebration that could be fully bespoke and is truly unique to you.


We will only recommend reliable and trusted quality suppliers who can complement your brief perfectly. It is the details that your guests will notice and remember that make your wedding “luxury”. Incredible wines and foods, seamless deliveries, and elegant aesthetics. 


We appreciate hiring us as your wedding planner and an investment. You are trusting us to translate your vision into reality, carefully plan and professionally deliver Your Big Day. You will work closely with your planner throughout months or even more than a year, so the decision on whom you choose is very important. We pour our full passion in each and every wedding. We wish to get to know you on a personal level. We understand your vision, pair you with like-minded suppliers to transform your dreams into real life. We are honoured to produce such a meaningful milestone in your lives together.

Cheryl & Fay
Founders of R&L Wedding


Cheryl and Fay aim to promote Slovenia weddings to more couples across the globe. "Unlike many other European countries, S-love-nia has an extraordinarily peaceful and original character. We are very surprised to know that we are the first young pair from Hong Kong who has decided to get married in Bled.. it's been a truly miraculous experience."

Rose&Lemon Wedding
Slovenia Wedding


Rose&Lemon Wedding was founded by Cheryl and Fay, a pair of Hong Kong young couple who got married in Slovenia in August, 2018. They aim to offer boutique wedding packages that are customisable and unique, which allow couples to experience a stress-free and exclusive destination wedding. 


They first started by promoting fairytale weddings at Lake Bled and the Alps of Slovenia to Hong Kong couples. Their wedding services have been expanding over the past years also to other parts of Europe, such as the glimmering Croatian coastline and the majestic mountains of Italy's Dolomites. Since 2022, Cheryl and Fay have relocated to the United Kingdom, where they continue to enlarge their network of partners in the UK by adding more handpicked places and moments into their exclusive wedding collection, that is away from the commercial, artificial, and reality.

Rose&Lemon Wedding
Slovenia Wedding

Our Wedding Planning fee is based on a % of your final wedding spend - a minimum fee applies subject to the size, complexity and duration of your celebration.

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