Slovenia Real Wedding : 讓見習建築師愛上的斯洛維尼亞婚禮

"最後也鼓勵了我,決心成立一間誠實和透明度高的結婚公司,專門協助港人籌備Slovenia Wedding。"

Witness a Slovenia civil wedding ceremony here.

Building Dreams

Despite having eight years of architectural education and training at work, Cheryl has decided to design dreams instead of buildings. She realizes her goal in life every time when she creates magic and surprises in both Chinese and Western weddings. "Similar to architecture, weddings involve space, colors, smell, and sound.. the couple's priceless smile is my biggest motivation."

Cheryl Lui
Co-Founder & Creative Director


A Perfectionist on Every Detail

An expert in arranging the perfect rundown, itinerary, event script, transport, accommodation, catering etc. "I make sure I do not miss a single detail. Behind every dream wedding, coordination is important.. and I am in charge of it."

Fay Wong
Co-Founder & Events Manager

The First Young Slovenian Couple From Hong Kong

Cheryl and Fay aim to promote Slovenia weddings to more Hong Kong couples. "Unlike many other European countries, S-love-nia has an extraordinarily peaceful and original character. We are very surprised to know that we are the first young pair who has decided to get married in Bled.. it is truly miraculous."

Made With Love

Rose&Lemon Wedding is founded by a pair of Hong Kong young couple who got married in Slovenia in August, 2018. They aim to offer boutique wedding packages that is customisable and unique, which allow couples to experience an exclusive and authentic experience.