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>> Wedding Magazine #3 Issue by Research Wedding: For sale in  EsliteHK!

For sophisticated brides like you.


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>> Support "No Shark Fins" weddings! Enjoy 40+ discounts from shark-free wedding vendors !

Sign now and make a vow to protect sharks and our lovely planet.

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>> To celebrate 1-year anniversary of Rose&Lemon Wedding, besides HK and Slovenia weddings, we are now expanding our wedding services to Malaysia! 

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>> Experience magic and wonder with Rose&Lemon Wedding! Find out why Slovenia is the newest popular wedding destination.

>> Rose&Lemon Wedding is a small family-owned business run by a pair of Hong Kong young couple who got married in Slovenia in August, 2018. They aim to offer packages that are affordable to most young couples in HK, while they can experience exclusive authenticity at the same time. Know more about their story here.

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