Love Paper Flower Studio

Founded by an architect, The Studio strives to achieve perfection in every single shot, with reminiscent film cameras, remarkable aesthetics perception, and strong artistic sense. Experience with Love Paper Flower Studio how light and shadows can tell Your love story in silent frames.

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斯洛文尼亞婚禮Slovenia Wedding
Jean Kanoyev Photography

Jean is a passionate and professional photographer and videographer based in Slovenia. With super fun, creative, and friendly personality, he makes each of his photo-shooting experience with clients absolutely enjoyable. He is open to new ideas and requests. Jean provides wedding, portrait, and family photography. 

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斯洛文尼亞婚禮Slovenia Wedding
Tamara Authentic Photography

Tamara is a Slovenia-based wedding and family photographer who believes in Love. She loves to capture emotions in her photos, from a pure laugh to the sparkles in your eyes.

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slovenia wedding photography
Mitja Resnik Photography

Mitja is a passionate photographer and father based in Slovenia. His photos have an authentic and rustic touch. Here's his message:

"I am honored that you have found your way here and may be considering me to be your photographer.

Photography is my passion, it taught me to stop for a second and see things. To find all this beauty which surrounds us. It made me more aware of myself and the people around me."

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Malaysia wedding
Omnilove Studio (Malaysia)

Omnilove Studio was founded by a Hong Kong photographer, Charles Lai.

We are currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


At Omnilove Studio, we capture all kinds of love stories - weddings, couples, family, friends...We encompass raw emotions and connections between people in a frame. We believe that all stories are unique, and we strive to create everlasting memories that you will always cherish.

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Sean Lam Photography

Sean loves taking photos wherever he goes. In the album you can look at his previous works in HK and Slovenia.

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