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Civil Wedding 
Bled Castle Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony will be conducted in Slovenian language, and translated into English language by official translator. The script is translated into Chinese below.



Dear bride and groom!




This is a big and happy day for you.

This is a big day for you, a happy day when as a bride and groom you state your decision to give yourself fully and entirely to the person next to you, with whom you have decided to live together as husband and wife.


決定建立婚姻關係,是你們人生中的一個重要里程碑。 從此刻起,你們同意尊重斯洛文尼亞家庭法規定的權利和義務。 現在將閱讀斯洛文尼亞共和國家庭法典中一些最重要的內容。

Your decision to enter into a marriage relationship is a major milestone in your life. As of this moment, you agree to respect the rights and obligations imposed by the Family Code. The registrar will now read some of the most important articles of the Family Code of the Republic of Slovenia.



Extract from the Family Code



The spouses are equal in a marriage.



The relationship between the marriage partners shall be based on mutual respect, trust, and assistance.


The married couple shall freely decide on the birth of children and shall have equal rights and obligations to their joint children.


Each of the partners shall freely choose their profession and work.



The couple shall decide by agreement their place of residence which will be their home and the home of the children who will live with them.


The couple shall decide any joint matters by agreement.


The marriage partners shall contribute to the meeting of the needs and subsistence of the family in proportion to their actual capacity.


A spouse who does not have the means of subsistence and through no fault of their own is unemployed or unfit for work, has the right to be supported by the other partner insofar as it is within their power.



This is what the letters of the law say.
Please allow me to complement the law with some thoughts.


我們知道,生活中最美好的事物是看不見也是摸不到的。 我們只能在我們的靈魂中,在我們的心中感受到它們,發自內心的東西才更觸動人心。

We know that the best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or touched. We can only feel them in our soul, in our heart. And what comes from the heart touches the heart.


願你們的婚姻充滿快樂。快樂可以是不完美的,也有時是短暫的。 快樂,和婚姻一樣,就像一朵花,需要陽光和雨水才能綻放。 快樂不可追求; 它必須隨之而來。 耐心、恆心、溫暖、慷慨、歡笑、幽默感、欣賞和尊重。就像一顆顆碎石,一點一點地拼湊而成一幅美麗的馬賽克。

May your marriage be filled with happiness. A thing about happiness is that it is not perfect and cannot be sustained forever. Happiness, also in a marriage, is like a blossom that needs the sun as well as the rain to flourish. Happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. It is like a mosaic created again and again from many small pebbles: patience, stability, warmth, generosity, laughter and humour, admiration, and respect.


Kindness, grace, dedication and persistence, and above all these positive traits, love, as the highest value of two people who have decided to glide together through life, hand in hand, heart to heart.


愛是讓兩個人變得更完美。兩個靈魂遇見對方而慢慢變得親密,總是保護、安慰和讓另一半快樂。正如一位詩人曾經說過: 愛不是為求自己滿足,也不是只為自己得到照顧;但為求對方感到愉悅,並在絕望的地獄中建造天堂。

Love is what makes two people better. Two souls recognize each other and grow close, always protecting, comforting, and making their other half happy. Or, as a poet once wrote, »Love seeketh not Itself to please, nor for itself hath any care; but for another gives its ease. and builds a Heaven in Hells despair.«


As we know, life is often unpredictable. And most of us know from experience that even harmonious loving relationships can stumble upon unexpected obstacles. Should any disagreements cause a tremor in your union, work to resolve them. Resolve them with tolerance and understanding for each other, and with sincere open conversation because this is one the main foundations of your happy life together.


May there be little room for sadness, dispair, or disappoinment in your life. Always remember that those who dwell in love and fill their lives with with true love, responsibility and respect, lack nothing.



May you forever cherish the conviction that love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to human existence and that the love we give away is the only love we keep.



Dear bride and groom!


我們團結一致,希望你們能在正在創建的婚姻關係中找到溫暖、平安、被接納和寶貴的歸屬感。 我們希望你們得到平安以及一切使婚姻牢固而持久的價值。

We are united in wishing that you find warmth, safety, acceptance and that precious sense of belonging in the union you are now creating. We hope you find peace and everything that makes a marriage strong and lasting.



Please take these readings with you as guidance that will help you observe the rights and obligations you assume by joining your hands in marriage.


The essential condition for contracting a valid marriage is that the bride and groom declare separately, in the presence of the witnesses, the wedding officiant, and the registrar, that they come to marriage freely and without reservation.



Therefore I ask the groom: Do you _______________ , take the bride present here before you, _______________, to be your lawfully wedded wife?





And I ask the bride:
Do you ______________ , take the groom present here before you, ________________, to be your lawfully wedded husband?



On the basis of the Family Code and the declarations given by the bride and groom in the presence of the people gathered here today I now pronounce you officially married.




Dear newlyweds,


我謹代表 Radovljica 行政單位和在座的官員向您表示祝賀,並祝您婚姻長久、幸福和健康。

On behalf of the Administrative Unit Radovljica and on behalf of the officials here present I would like to congratulate you and wish you long, happy and healthy marriage.