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Weddings On Live-Chinese Banquet @The ONE

The wedding venue on the 13th floor of The ONE mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, is a popular choice for many HK couples. I was delighted to witness the entire wedding within this modern interior with floor to ceiling high clear glass windows, and its signature revolving stage.

Modern Backdrop

A lovely flower arch with hanging light bulbs and photo frames was one of the highlights of the wedding. The bride and groom are welcoming guests under the arch with clear glass window at the back, providing an unobstructed view of Hong Kong skyscrapers as a modern backdrop. Guests were lining up to take photos with the gorgeous couple, while I went to look at every little detail in the ballroom.

Satisfying Cocktail & Canapes

I went to the table where people were gathering - the cocktail and canapes area. Juice, wine, and some traditional Chinese snacks were served which look pleasing to me. I got a glass of orange juice, a red dates pudding and a roasted pork deep fried dumpling.

Instant Photo Machine

After making my stomach satisfied, I was excited to see a cute instant photo taking machine near the cocktail area. Different props were provided to guests to take instant "sticker" photos. It was such a reminiscence to people around my age because it was a super popular teenage activity around 15 years ago, when Korean culture started to boom in Hong Kong.

A Special "March In" - 360 Degrees Revolving StaThe wedding began with unforgettable glamour when the couple appeared behind rising curtains! Fumes, lighting effects, and the rising plus revolving stage together make a sophisticated "march in".


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