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The Night Before Your Overseas Wedding

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

The Rehearsal Dinner

If you have wedding guests that have travelled a long way to attend the ceremony and reception, it is a thoughtful gesture to invite them to the rehearsal dinner. 

A rehearsal dinner is a fun occasion with food and even games, typically held the night before you say your Wedding Day. Traditionally, the family pay for and host the event, but nowadays you and your partner can also feel free to host your own rehearsal dinner. To save budget, you could make it a cocktail hour or dessert bar to avoid the extra expenses that come with serving a full-course meal. In Slovenia, this wine tasting event especially tailored for couples, family, and wedding guests will be an intriguing option for you!

Private Wine Tasting Hour

With Top Slovenian Wines, Local Appetizers, And Wedding Games

The wine tasting programme is full of interesting facts about wine/winemaking and Slovenian culture, funny stories and games that can be designed for the night before wedding It can be held in an indoor wine cellar or an open house terrace with view to the Bled Castle. Contact us for detailed discount price list.

Collaboration: R&L Wedding, Kuma Home Group and Wine Tasting Bled

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