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Racecourse Wedding

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

What is it like when a dining environment to celebrate a day at the horserace is converted to a wedding banquet hall? Let's look at Connie's wedding for the answer!


Functional Setup

The environment is suitable for couples who are looking for something easy to handle. The Racecourse Club has almost everything ready for you: floral decorations on each dining table, stage with backdrop and wedding cake. If you are sitting at a table far away from the stage and cannot see the bride and groom, do not worry. You can see them on many television screens on the wall (originally used for watching horserace)!


Fresh Flowers

Usually in Hong Kong I find silk flowers on reception tables, however, Connie's reception area was decorated with fragrant fresh flowers! The decoration details were truly impressive.


Quality Food

The portions of the food were sufficient for each table of 12 persons. Seafood from Australia was the highlight dishes of the night. My favourite dish was the Australian farmed abalone. The North American geoduck was also delicious.

Congratulations to Connie and Jacky!


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