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MADE IN HK - Vintage Flower Design HERA FLOWERS

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

By coincidence, I knew about this passionate design florist one day when I was searching for local wedding products and vendors online as usual. The vintage tone and style of her flowers caught my attention successfully, and I decided to visit her studio to learn more about this new local brand.

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Ingrid finished this wall of roses herself in two nights

The studio is just a 5-min walk from Lai Chi Kok MTR station (Exit C). When I entered the room, I saw this impressive flower wall made of roses. I was surprised to know that Ingrid, the founder of Hera Flowers, finished the whole flower wall herself in two nights after her full time job during the day. I cannot think of another reason but genuine passion - yes!

I cannot think of another reason but genuine passion - yes!

High Quality Flower Materials

There are mainly three types of materials you can find in Hera Flowers: preserved flowers, fresh flowers, and silk flowers.

For all preserved flowers, Hera Flowers import flowers and preservatives from Japan, in order to keep the flowers in high quality. They can be preserved longer than most preserved flowers found in the market, up to 3 years.

For fresh flowers, Hera Flowers' signature Garden Roses from Holland and Kenya are my favourite. Their soft and vintage colours give people an intimate sense of elegance and romance.

For silk flowers, Ingrid chooses silk materials in person to make sure it gives the texture and feeling she wants. Pink, peach, and soft colour tone is the highlight among her floral productions.

The "Perfect" Bridal Bouquet

Many brides ask me where they could find the perfect bridal bouquet for their wedding. Ingrid has the following suggestion for brides:

"As bridal bouquet is an important component of the wedding, I would suggest our brides choose a bouquet that matches with their style, the wedding theme colors and wedding gown. When I design the bridal bouquet, apart from considering the colour tone, I will always take the wedding theme, the wedding dress style, the shape of the dress, and the height and body shape of the brides into account. It’s also important that the size and shape of your bouquet matches with that of your dress. Choosing the right bouquet can add value to your wedding, making you look more elegant and the wedding dress looks even more romantic and beautiful."

Handmade Wedding Gift

Hera Flowers provides for clients tailor-made wedding gifts and floral gifts for all occasions. Their best seller is their herbarium pen, preserved flower dome and preserved flower key chain and herbarium bottle (which can match with LED lights to display as a light bulb with flowers).

Florist Qualifications

Hera Flowers was founded in Oct 2018. Besides selling flowers for weddings and anniversaries, the Studio is also a showroom of floral products, a workshop area, and a venue for bridal showers.

Ingrid is an experienced design florist with various qualifications. She had taken classes with Korean florist Contelier Flower, Blooming Bouquet, Vaness Flower, and Angelica Fluers, where she equipped herself with skills in natural style floral design, floral commercial packaging, and making floral arches. In Jan 2019, Ingrid was awarded the International Preserved Flowers Instructor Certification, by The International Preserved Flowers Association.

For those who like floral arrangement, you are welcome to join workshops organized by Hera Flowers to make your own floral arrangement or wedding bouquet.

Vision - To Share Happiness With Flowers

Amidst concrete towers and rushing crowds, Ingrid would like to bring positive energy to busy Hong Kong people with flowers and colours. She also wish more people will like her style of floral design. She welcomes collaboration with wedding photographers and decor companies.

Named after Hera in ancient Greek mythology, "Hera Flowers" symbolizes love, marriage, and family. If you also want to experience the heavenly elegance with Hera Flowers, do not miss the Hong Kong Handicraft And Design Exhibition (3-4 Aug 2019) and their Opening Party on 11 Aug 2019! Details as follows:

Hong Kong Handicraft And Design Exhibition

Date: 3-4 Aug 2019

Time: 12 noon - 8pm

Venue: Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre 3/F & 6/F

Tickets: $20 (Limited Free Giveaway Tickets! Inbox Hera Flowers for free tickets)

Hera Flowers Booth: U9 on 6/F

Hera Flowers Opening Party

Date: 11 Aug 2019

Time: 1-3pm

Venue: Rm 509B, 5/F, Wui Wah Factory Building, 41 Wing Hang Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon

Tickets: Free, register here.


Hera Flowers has been selected as a wedding vendor in the R&L HK Wedding Directory. Stay tuned for more wedding events! Subscribe to Rose&Lemon Wedding to get updated!

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