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MADE IN HK- Film Photography -Love Paper Flower Studio

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

This edgy photography studio recently founded by an architect IS REALLY SOMETHING. I was welcomed to write a review for them, and happily I became their model for a photo shooting experience.

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The Fashion of Film Photographs

The photographer is genuinely professional partly because of her architectural background. As an architectural designer before I became a wedding planner, trust me on how architects were trained to be meticulous in capturing light, shadows, movements, ambience and atmosphere. The Studio provides film photographs in which the mood of the bride and groom just comes so vivid - almost alive in a film photo with its delicate grains and sentimental light effect.

Straight-Forward Photo Shooting Experience

A good photographer does not just need to be skilful in taking photos. They also need to manage time wisely, make decisions quickly, be flexible when plans change due to weather or the sunlight, and give precise instructions or suggestions to the couple when they pose. Love Paper Flower Studio managed to excel in all of the above. It was a rainy day, the sun was not as bright as expected, so the photographer suggested us move from the beach to the garden where rays of sunlight were still visible. We spent more time taking photos indoors where the photographer made excellent shots with the play of reflections on glass and mirror.

Chic Photographs

The product photographs will be ready to pick up 2 months after the shooting. Excellent after effects made the photos more romantic, elegant, and mysterious. This photo is one of my favourites where my portrait overlays with the ocean which makes quite a stunning effect.

My portrait overlays with the ocean

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Photography: Love Paper Flower Studio

Makeup & Hairstyle: Monique W Makeup (coming review!)

Flower Bouquet: Lemongrass Wedding

Model: Rose&Lemon

Thank you so much LOVE PAPER FLOWER STUDIO for this lovely set of photos! Try it yourself!

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