5 Magical Features - HK Disneyland Wedding

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Raise your hand if you fancy fairy tale weddings like me. Let's check out what a wedding in HK Disneyland is actually like!

1/ Your Wedding begins with a story book!

The cover page writes, "Once upon a time, a handsome prince and a beautiful princess fell in love and vowed to be together always. To begin their new life, they invited all their friends and family to a wonderful wedding. A wedding of beauty, grace, and charm. An extraordinary and special wedding to dazzle and delight all their guests..."

2/ Rings on cakes and party popcorn!

I found delicate rings on chocolate cakes. I put it on my finger before eating the sweet ring!

3/ Casual and elegant setting

Colored balloons flying in the air, green lawn, trees, birds, sea.. A carefree wedding guaranteed!

4/ A surprise march by Mickey and Minnie

In the middle of the ceremony, Disney characters popped out to congratulate the newlyweds!

5/ Grand interior with chandeliers

There is a grand staircase leading to the wedding ballroom. The chandeliers look magnificent!

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